Rachel Skells in Samoan Circle Session at Alternative Accountancy Strategic It Conference

Rachel Skells

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Rachel Skells

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Whittles’ Managing Partner Rachel Skells will be taking part in the Accountancy Strategic IT Conference on Monday 8th November. This is an invitation-only two day event for qualified attendees in mid-tier accountancy practices, which is organised by Alternative Events.

Rachel will be one of four managing partners who make up the panel in an informal and interactive session on the topic of “navigating the technology, security and management and challenges of an agile workforce”. The session will be using the “Samoan Circle” format, in which delegates will gather around a central circle to eavesdrop on a conversation between Rachel and three other managing partner panelists. The working principles of the Samoan Circle are:

  • Only those in the inner circle may speak, until prompted to retire
  • You can enter the inner circle at any time if you want to join the discussion
  • You must finish your point and leave the inner circle when prompted by the facilitator

Rachel is happy to be involved: “I am very much looking forward to the session not just because of the importance of the topic but also to have the opportunity to try out the Samoan Circle format which is certainly a new one to me.”