The Streets Sessions Podcast talks with Open Road


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In the recently broadcasted Episode 61 of The Streets SessionsStreets Chartered Accountants’ Marketing Partner, James Pinchbeck talked to Claire Beacham, a regional manager with Open Road – a drug and alcohol recovery charity in Essex and the Medway, which is Streets Whittles’ nominated charity. 

The podcast sees James act as facilitator to a conversation with Claire, who describes the origins of the charity in Colchester going back to the 1990s when it was established to provide a clean needle exchange in response to the impact of the HIV and AIDs crisis. She continues to explain how the Open Road services have evolved over the years to meet the changing needs and challenges around substance abuse. In particular,  James and Claire explore the trends in the workplace, for example the current practice of hybrid working, and why there is an increased focus on wellbeing in the workplace. Claire also explains how the charity has been able to work with local businesses and public bodies to provide support to getting those who have recovered from drug and alcohol abuse back to work. It is clearly important for Open Road to work with and to have the support of businesses, such as Streets Whittles and we look forward to continuing to provide much needed and appreciated assistance .

You can hear the full podcast here.

Current initiatives between Streets Whittles and Open Road include the sponsorship of a musical spectacular –  “One Night Only – Laura Wright” – at the Mercury Theatre on 24 July . You can read more about the event and how to book tickets  here.